William Shisana CV

E-mail: wimshisa@goballinkage.org


Education Specialist Degree (Post-Masters). Concentration in Counseling. George Washington University.

Courses: Foundations of Counseling
Psychosocial Aspects of Disabilities
Rehabilitation Technology
Introduction to Psychiatric Rehabilitation
Counseling in Groups
Cross-Cultural Counseling
Counseling Interview Skills

1989 to 1991.  Returned to South Africa prior to completions.

Master of Science Degree in Applied Psychology. Concentration: Industrial and Organizational Psychology. University of Baltimore. Graduated May, 1982.


Theories of Behavior Change
Personality Tests
Personnel Management and Industrial Relations
Selection and Development of Human Resources
Biological Basis of Behavior
Organizational Psychology

Doctoral Courses in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida.

Courses:    Industrial Psychology
Social Psychology
Research Methods and Measurement
Experimental Design and Analysis

September 1980 – 1981.  Transferred to the University of Baltimore.

Bachelor of Science Degree. Major:  Psychology, Towson State University, Towson, Maryland.  Graduated 1981.

Associate of Arts.  Major: Engineering Management, York College of Pennsylvania, York, Pennsylvania.  Fall 1976 and Spring 1977.  Transferred to Towson State University.

Board Membership: Member of the Health Professions Council of South Africa and member of its Continued Professional Development Committee. Vice Chair of the Professional Board for Psychology and member of the following committees under the Board: Education committee; Chair of the Public Relations Committee; Member of the Tariffs Committee; Member of the Examinations Committee. Additional responsibilities include the inspection of training institution and internship sites Member of the Human Resources Committee of the Council of the University of Cape Town.


Founded Machovani Organizational Consulting Services in 1998.Consulting in areas including performance management, workshop facilitation (including on diversity), and competency based personnel selection, affirmative action, and intergroup relations. Provide services to a wide spectrum of organizations, public, private and non-governmental.


Founding Member: Researched and conceptualize the development of an online professional job advertising business with a developmental resource. The address is www.globallinkage.org.

Service Provider for Professional Development: Offer online continuing professional development courses.  Current course:

•    Ethics In Psychology
•    Practical Application Of Ethics
•    Fundamentals In Psycho-Legal Work
•    Advanced Psycho-Legal Work
•    Fundamentals Of Rehabilitation
•    Advanced Rehabilitation
•    Legal Instruments Impacting On Psychological Practice
•    Assessing For Psychopathology: Pre-Employment
•    Capacity Building In Report Writing
•    Communications Skills For Professionals
•    Cross-Cultural Assessment
•    Managing Diversity In Psychological Practice
•    Practical Application Of Managing Diversity
•    Program Evaluation     Ethics And Legal Issues

Part-Time Lecturer, Clark University USA. Lecturing to Masters Students at the Israel College in Israel. Teaching Managing Diversity in summer (June to July) 2002 and 2003.

Deputy Director, South African Military Health Services of the South African National Defense Force. Employed in the Psychology Directorate with main responsibilities being to facilitate the transformation of psychological services to ensure that selection procedures, tools and policies were effective, conformed to legal requirements and promoted demographic diversity. Coordinated evaluation project covering all aspects of personnel selection (job analysis, interviewing, selection batteries, assessment centers, work samples) and the development of a new performance management system. Interacted with a cross-section of managers from unit level to headquarter levels. Team member for a group charged with developing training intervention to ensure execution of the transformation strategic direction for top managers taking into account diversity. Co-leader of one of the teams charged with transformation of the South African Medical Services. Contributed to a diversity programmed designed to facilitate integration of the different forces into the National Defense Force (November 1996-December 1998)


*Team’s successful development of the strategic direction workshop. Workshop participants included Deputy Minister of Defense, Secretary Defense, Chief of the Defense Force and their respective top management staff.

*Developed comprehensive framework for personnel assessment.

*Our team completed and presented a transformation structure accepted by top management.

Senior Psychologist, Old Mutual, Pinelands. Provide psychological services regarding personnel selection. Main responsibility was to facilitate a paradigm shift in selection through the evaluation of existing practices and procedures and to recommend new direction. Conducted assessment including the use of role-plays and testing; research on affirmative action and diversity. (August, 1995-February, 1996)


*Completed an extensive review of assessment procedures and recommended the revamping of the testing program.

*Contributed improvements towards role-play administration, accurate definition of dimensions and rating criteria in behavioral assessment.

*Evaluated personality tests and pointed out significant implications for the way in which they were used.

* Succeeded in educating managers on how to effectively use assessments.

Lecturer in Industrial Psychology, the University of the Western Cape. Teaching areas: Third year: Group Dynamics and Industrial Mental Health; Honors: Intergroup Relations and Industrial Mental Health; Masters: Personnel Selection and Development, Career Psychology, Cross-cultural Issues in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Worker Health And Rehabilitation Issues and Program Evaluation. Provided guidance to Masters students for thesis research projects. My teaching style was more on the applied side; using experiential method (For Group Dynamics and Intergroup Relations) and drawing from real life experiences to complement assigned reading material. January 1992- July 1995.


*Conceptualized, developed and initiated the present and first course work Masters in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. With sixteen semester courses spread over two years, it was the first most comprehensive Masters degree at the university. Program started in 1993.

*Coordinator of the Masters program;

*Supervised Masters student on thesis titled: “The Receptivity of Organizational Culture to Blacks and the Implications thereof to Back Advancement”. Student completed degree.

*Together with a colleague, spearheaded the establishment of a training program that became faculty wide for employee development project for one of the largest employers in Cape Town.

*Served on various committees including Senate and Executive of Faculty.

Mental Health Specialist, District of Columbia Government, Commission on Mental Services

Main responsibility was case management.  Specific duties included assessment of clients, individual treatment plan development and execution, outreach, referral to a wide range of services such as vocational, specialized therapy such as pastoral counseling and monitoring compliance with treatment plan. The population served was mainly individuals with mental illness or those with additional diagnoses such as mental retardation and substance abuse.  December 1990 – October 1991.

Program Coordinator
, Anchor Mental Health Association, Washington, D.C.

Main responsibilities were the development and implementation of Supported Employment and training programs including career development.  In addition, responsibilities included: grant proposal writing, marketing the program to prospective employers, fiscal management of contracts, conducting research on aspects such as client motivation, skills and attitudes. January, 1989 to December 1990.

Managerial responsibilities: Hiring and supervision of staff, ensuring adherence to the United States Federal Governments requirements including affirmative action and drug-free work place laws.


*Developed a successful clerical (including word processing) skills training program.

*Participated in the development of agency’s policies, e.g., on drug-free work place and on sexual harassment.

Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor/Contract Coordinator, Chestnut Lodge Hospital, Rockville, Maryland.

Responsibilities included planning, implementing, coordinating and monitoring subcontracting activities for vocational programs for all hospital patients; providing supervision and counseling to clients in the workshops, performing time and motion studies. August 1988 – January 1989.


*Developed and implemented a supported employment mobile work crew and introduced a career development program.

*Successfully negotiated with surrounding businesses to sell wooden products made by hospital patients.

*Raised the level of client productivity from piece rate of $1-$2 to $5-$8 per hour; successfully negotiated a long-term work contract whose financial package was the first of its kind for the hospital.

Vocational Evaluator, Melwood Horticultural Training Center, Upper Marlboro, Maryland.

Duties included recruitment of trainees, administration, scoring and interpretation of vocational tests; construction and administration of work samples, performing time and motion studies; conducting career development sessions and report writing; processing supported employment referrals and billing for vocational evaluations and supported employment services. April 1987 – July 1988.

Managerial responsibilities: Participated in budgeting, monitoring implementation of affirmative action and hiring staff. Managed transportation services.


*Developed a work sample for packaging and one for automotive repair assistant.

*Generated enough income to make the evaluation unit financially self-reliant and yielded a surplus.

Consultant, American Academy of Physician Assistants, Arlington, Virginia.

Responsibilities included literature search on attrition and career mobility of physician assistants.  January – February 1986.

Work Adjustment Counselor, Baltimore Goodwill Industries, Baltimore, Maryland.

Duties included administration, interpretation of tests and report writing; behavior modification for client employability utilizing principles of Industrial Psychology in the areas such as performance measurements, worker motivation, time and motion studies, job analysis and interviewing.  January 1985 – April 1985.

Vocational Evaluator
, Baltimore, Goodwill Industries, Maryland.

Duties consisted of the administration, scoring and interpretation of vocational tests such as the Hester Battery, the Thurstone Temperament Schedule, and the Wide Range Interest Opinion Test.  Additional duties involved evaluations using a variety of commercial work samples.  Evaluated disadvantaged clients with physical, mental/emotional disabilities and those with mental retardation. Jan 1984-Jan 1985.


*Revamped evaluation system to ensure consistency with manuals.

*Doubled the evaluation intake from about six to around twelve individuals per week.

*Made adjustment to the evaluation room to enable the assessment of individuals on wheelchairs without compromising the integrity of evaluation tools.

*Developed formats for report writing.

Job Placement Interviewer
, Voluntary Action Center, Baltimore, Maryland.

Duties involved interviewing and recruiting volunteers.

Accomplishment: Drafted an office handbook on work procedures including job descriptions.  August 1983 – January 1984.

Student Intern, Coppin State University Department of Personnel and The Maryland State Department of Personnel: Gathered data in preparation for hearings on labor relations issues regarding allegations including unfair labor practices and employee grievances; attended hearings on observer status. In addition, did record keeping, received practical experience on procedures for recruitment of personnel, validation of assessment instruments, administration, scoring and interpretation of employment tests, ranking of written work samples and checking of applicants’ references. January to May 1982.

Teaching Assistant, Towson State University, Maryland.

Responsibilities entailed assisting instructor in teaching an advanced course in-group dynamics under unique and intense conditions in a camping site, summer 1981.


Member of the Professional Board for Psychology of the Health Professions Council of South Africa
Member of the Human Resources Committee of the Board of the University of Cape Town.


Conducted a seminar for the Prince George’s County Department of Social Services (Maryland) on African cultural issues related to the work setting. 1984.

Conducted training to counselors and educators of the Prince George’s County Public School system on vocational testing. 1988.

Gave lectures to undergraduate students at Coppin State University (Maryland) on career development. 1984.
Presentations to management of various organizations in South Africa on topics such as personnel selection, including affirmative action and employee development.


Shisana O, Zungu-Dirwayi, Shisana W. (2003) AIDS: A threat to human security. In print
Robert G Laforge, Wayne F Velicer, Deborah A Levesque, Joseph L Fava, David J Hill, Penelope E Schofield, Dennis Fan, Hein De Vries, William O Shisana, and Mark Conner.
Measuring support for tobacco control policy in selected areas of six countries. Tobacco Control 1998; 7: 241-246.

Newspapers: Several articles and letters on topical issues including affirmative action, selection and education.


Part-time Teaching, University of Cape Town. Masters course titled Creativity in the workplace. 1997.

External Moderator, University of Cape Town. For all courses from undergraduate to Masters. Dec 1996-Dec 1998.