This course is designed to enhance capacity in writing report.

Overall objectives of the program

The overall objectives of the training are to enhance the knowledge and ability to write reports.

Target audience

  • Psychology practitioners
  • Psychology professionals
  • Psychology students
  • Counseling professionals
  • Counseling practitioners
  • Students in Counseling
  • Other related and interested professionals, practitioners & students

Learning Method

This is a self-paced online course. Those who wish to engage in discussions may do so through the Psychological Report Writing Skills course forum.

Study Material


• Greg J. Wolber, William F. Carne (1993). Writing Psychological Reports: A Guide for Clinicians
• Some Thoughts on Psychological Report Writing.

INSTANT FEEDBACK! The examination for this course consists of 30 multiple-choice questions. Candidates must complete the examination within 90 days from the date of registration. Three attempts are allowed without having to pay additional registration fee. After 90 days or 3 unsuccessful attempts at the examination, candidates are required to pay another registration fee. Candidates may download the examination and do it off-line and then submit it online. There is no restriction of how long you may sit for the examination.


A minimum of 70% is required for successful completion of the course. You will be awarded a certificate upon completion of the course. The certificate will be e-mailed to you using the address you provided at registration. Should you wish the certificated to be sent to an alternate address please send an email to In addition to issuing a certificate, will keep a record of individuals who have completed the course as required by the HPCSA. will keep the records for at least five years.

A non-refundable fee of R 684.00. Candidates may repeat the examination up to 3 times at no additional cost.

Course Evaluation

All candidates will have an opportunity to evaluate the course at the end of the examination.